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Mystery Shopping is the COOLEST way to get paid - EVER!!

Are you a shoppa-holic? Is this one of the reasons you need to make some extra cash? Well how does shopping and making money while you shop, sound to you? Good? Well read on…

Mystery shopping has been around for years. I first heard of it when a friend of mine asked me if I’d like to go grab some food one afternoon - his shout! At first I wondered why he was being so generous. But he explains on the way, that it was all being paid for by a mystery Shopper Program. We had a great laugh that afternoon, mainly because it was a free lunch, but also because we had to be as critical as we could about everything! We we’re like two bitching old ladies.  

What is Mystery Shopping?
Basically you receive an assignment in your inbox. For instance; they want you to go to a particular shop and purchase an item.  You decide if it’s the type of assignment you’d like to be involved in. Then you get your coat, go to your nearest shopping centre, track down the shop and then browse for an item. Maybe you find a nice pair of shoes. Take that item to a shop assistant and talk to them about it. Taking mental notes about their appearance, helpfulness etc. Then when you get back, spend 10 minutes reporting your experiences online. And that’s it! The mystery shopper company will send you a cheque to reimburse the cost of the item, you get to keep that item and a payment for your time as well!! Believe me its sooo much fun!   

What type of Assignments will I receive?
It can be anything! Any business that involves some sort of customer service could request to have a mystery shopper visit. It could be a shop, cinema, theatre, restaurant, fast food, theme park etc. That’s what makes it so exciting. Every time is different!

How will the sites below help?
Firstly, they all feature large comprehensive databases of mystery shopper companies. Your first job will be to register with as many of these companies as possible. You should start receiving assignments within 24 hours. So you could literally be getting paid to shop tomorrow (or maybe the next day)! All of the sites offer insightful hints, tips and information to help you find the best assignments. The sites also have their own unique offerings. For example, our favourite site, ‘SHOP Until You Drop’ give the ability to create your own profile. Which lets the companies know which types of shopping you would like to be involved in. 

If your looking for something that will make you a fortune then your in the wrong place. I suggest you check out the other sections on this site. But if you want some free stuff, some extra money and a good time then this is the perfect activity for you. The two sites below are the BEST mystery shopper listing sites on the internet at this present time. They also offer a load of other stuff. Including some impressive Bonuses. Check them out…  


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SHOP Until You Drop
Get Paid 2

#1. SHOP Until You Drop

This is our top choice for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has a very easy to navigate interface, secondly, they have an extremely professional support service and thirdly they boast the largest database out of the two (212 companies). The explanation of shopper privileges is comprehensive and realistic in terms of what to expect as a shopper.  

It features strategies on getting the most out of your mystery shopping, training on how to implement these strategies, excellent support, member profiles and an attractive set of bonuses.

To find out more click here...

Site Rating...
SHOP Until You Drop
With a massive database of companies. Really helps you to get the most out of your mystery shopping. Excellent Support!

#2. Get Paid 2

Get Paid 2 offers the most comprehensive explanation of shopper privileges. They also have a large company database with 152 mystery shopping companies. Professionally staffed and very quick at answering emailed questions.

Refreshingly honest in terms of what type of earnings to expect. They give you the real picture, which is still quite positive.

As for bonuses, they have several special offers right now for free e-books on making money in different ways on the internet.

To find out more click here...

Site Rating...
Get Paid 2
Professionally run with brilliant customer services. Plus you could start your own home business with the added bonuses!


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