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Earn Money By Being Social

Do you use Facebook or MySpace? Do you get paid to use them? Well you do with Yuwie!!

Firstly this is not a home business solution and it won’t make you millions. But it’s FREE, EASY and FUN to use! Imagine getting paid to socialise with your friends. Well now you can and the best thing is… your friends get paid as well! Read on to find out how…

Below is an explaination of how Yuwie works. But to be honest Yuwie does a better job of explaining it via a video introduction.
To see it click here.

What is Yuwie?
Yuwie is a social network just like facebook or MySpace. It offers all the same features as the other networks. Like customisable profiles, email, blogs, photos, videos, message boards, groups and a whole lot more. The difference between Yuwie and its competitors is Yuwie is the first social network that offers its users a cut of its profits. You get paid to fool around on the internet!

How can they afford to do this?
Yuwie’s competitors make an estimated 20 million dollars a month in advertising alone. But do you ever see any of that money? No. Considering you’re the one that adds all the photos and videos, creates the clubs, invites new users and generally creates all of the content. You’re the one doing all the work! Yuwie decided it would pay its users for simply using the service. This is a very clever way of increasing its visitors and overall activity. And the more visitors the site has, the more it can charge for advertising. In turn increasing the amount the users get paid.

So how does it work? How do I make money?
Well firstly you simply sign up and create a profile. Then you invite your friends to join. Just like any other social network. You make money by generating ‘Hits’. The more hits you have the more money you make. It’s that simple.

What are ‘Hits’?
When your profile is viewed, that’s a hit. When one of your photos are viewed, that’s a hit. When your blog, videos, messages, clubs etc are viewed, these all add to your hit counter. You also build up hits when ever you edit your profile. Then, between the 15th and 18th of each month Yuwie figures how much income your entitled to and then pays you that amount.

How is this figured out?
Between the 15th and 18th Yuwie figures out, that months ‘RSR’. This number varies depending on the advertising sales of that month. If, for instance, the ‘RSR’ for that month was $0.50, you would get paid $0.50 per 1000 hits. Now this may not sound like much, BUT believe me your hit counter can climb at quite a rapid rate.   

This isn’t going to make me that much money, is it?
No. Not by your profile activity alone. But there is a way to make big money and that’s with your referrals.

What are referrals?
Referrals are your friends. Each member that you have invited to join is your referral. THIS IS THE BEST PART!! You make money when THEY generate hits on THEIR profiles. AND you make money when THEIR referrals generate hits on THEIR profiles. AND again when THEIR referrals generate hits on THEIR profiles. And so on, and so forth, for 10 levels. It’s amazing how many people you can end up with in your referral tree! Take a look at the figures below…

These figures are based on; if you got just 3 people to join, and they each got 3 people to join, and then they each got 3 people to join and so on, and so forth…
@ the bottom of the tree is you.
@ LEVEL 1 is your 3 people
@ LEVEL 2 is their 9 people
@ LEVEL 3 is 27 people
@ LEVEL 4 is 81 people
@ LEVEL 5 is 243 people
@ LEVEL 6 is 729 people
@ LEVEL 7 is 2187 people
@ LEVEL 8 is 6561 people
@ LEVEL 9 is 19683 people
@ LEVEL 10 is 59049 people

When all of the people from each level are added together it gives you a grand total of 88,586 people. You get a percentage of ALL of these peoples activity on their profiles.

How much money could I make then?
This is just a best case scenario. We figured out that, if you invited 3 people to join and they each invited 3 people to join and the same for the next level of people and so on, right up to level 10. And if the RSR was $0.50 and everyone averaged 1000 hits. You would make $10,235 within a month.  

Is it the same for my referrals, will they make money?
Absolutely! It works exactly the same for them.

So where’s the catch??
So far we’ve not been able to find one! Don’t expect to make masses of money straight away. It takes time to build up you referral tree. The only slight annoyance we found was the amount of advertising on the site. BUT this is what makes the money for Yuwie and (obviously) YOU. So I think you can put up with a few extra banners for the sake of making some EASY money. AND it’s FREE so you won’t lose anything by just signing up. You could just sign up, invite some friends and then leave it and let them do all the work. Or you could have fun trying different ways of generating hits on you site. The other day I noticed that someone had created a profile called ‘Yuwie Radio’ which has become very popular. This is an excellent way of earning some extra cash while at the same time having a lot of fun!

If you feel that I didn’t explain the concept very well and you’re still a bit confused, then don’t worry because there’s a video presentation on this page that does a better job of explaining it! HAVE FUN!!


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#1. Yuwie

By it’s self, this is a well designed and easy to use social network. But the fact that you get paid to use it sets it apart from the rest.  

It has all the functionality of the other social networks as well as something that facebook does not; a fully customisable profile (colour schemes, backgrounds etc).

This is a revolutionary service which we believe will change the way people use the internet for ever!! Become part of it NOW! Thousands of people are signing up each and every day and before long people will struggle to find new referrals. 

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Get paid to use a social network
If you want to join an exceptional social network then sign up to Yuwie. Want to make some extra money? Sign up to Yuwie!

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